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Children aged from 18 months

Harnessing energetic play and independent exploration that supports rapid learning

Educators qualified with a Diploma in Children’s Services lead our Toddler Room.

When babies are mature enough, we begin transition to our Toddler Room. The age when this move occurs can vary significantly between children. Our experienced educators know when individual children are developmentally and emotionally ready.

Transition between these rooms is usually an easy process – our Nursery and Toddler Rooms are side by side with some fluidity of educators between the rooms, so children have some familiarity before moving. In fact, transitioning children are given ample opportunity to play in the Toddler Room before any permanent changes occur.

The children in our Toddler Room are introduced to a little more structure – they may have ‘story time’ and short ‘group times’. They have access to a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities that support their overall development. They are provided with opportunities for play and collaboration with their peers, and time to play and explore independently. There are also opportunities for one to one engagement and learning with an educator.

Two to three-year-old children are highly energetic and ‘on the go’, learning at a rapid rate. Our team work with children to develop their:

•    self-help skills and fostering independence 
•    communication and language skills 
•    resilience
•    emotional regulation
•    fine and gross motor physical skills
•    creativity
•    ability to care for and respect their environment, belongings, resources and one another
•    understanding of concepts. 

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