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Children aged from 6 weeks

Attentive care that supports learning from birth

Children under two commence their learning journey in our Nursery with qualified educators  (Diploma in Children’s Services).

Our educators become significant people to the babies they nurture and they strive to provide very attentive care involving lots of eye contact, cuddles and appropriate responses to babies’ cues.

Learning begins at birth, so activities you might see occurring between educators and babies will include:

•    talking and chatter about their environment, feelings and family members
•    story reading 
•    singing and dancing 
•    pretend play
•    music and art experiences
•    sensory experiences
•    early literacy and numeracy experiences 
•    gross motor/active experiences.

These are all important for a child’s overall healthy development.

We will work with you to adhere to your ‘home routine’ as much as possible – we know how important routine is for babies.


Communication between parents, carers and educators is key to smooth transitions between home and our care environment

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